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Wood surfaces have a characteristic warmth that makes them attractive anywhere they appear across any residential or commercial property. However, the organic nature of wood means that it doesn’t hold up nicely against environmental factors—especially in a climate such as ours here in Bend, Oregon.

Wood surfaces lose their shine over time with continued exposure to UV rays. They also support mold and mildew growth and may splinter. That's why property owners have to carry out periodic wood restoration to maintain the appeal of these wood surfaces.

At Caldera Pressure Washing LLC, we clean wood surfaces in preparation for wood restoration. If you’re planning a timber renewal project to revamp your wood deck, patio, fence, or walls, turn to our team for the preparatory cleaning work.

Our Preparatory Wood Restoration Cleaning Process

At Caldera Pressure Washing LLC, we use state-of-the-art equipment and an eco-friendly cleaning solution to remove mold, mildew, grime, and dirt from wood surfaces to make your wood refinishing project less stressful. Before you resume your outdoor wood repair project, we will come to your property with the tools we need for effective soft washing. We’ll prepare a wood-safe sodium bicarbonate solution for the initial cleaning session.

Upon completion of the initial cleaning stage, we’ll use a brightening acid to round off the preparatory cleaning session. After we complete the process, you can proceed with your wooden surface restoration project.

Homeowners and professional wood care companies choose our team because we give them a clean slate to work on. We guarantee a clean surface for your wood stain or paint.

Pressure washed wooden building

Choose True Professionals to Prepare Your Wood Surfaces for Restoration

Whether you’re thinking about a deck revitalization project or a wide-scale flooring revamp, you can’t begin the wood restoration process without thoroughly cleaning the surface.

Give your wood stain or paint a blank canvas to adhere to.

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