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Windows blend into the background. You know they are there, and you see them every day. Still, you tend to somehow miss that they are now dirty.

It’s why many people can go years without cleaning their windows until someone points it out or something draws their attention directly to the dirt and grime on it. It also doesn’t help that window cleaning is a strenuous job. Cleaning the windows inside and out is also impractical for many people, especially in multi-story properties.

However, dirty windows detract from your property’s curb appeal. So, what should you do?

Turn to our team at Caldera Pressure Washing LLC. We have the right equipment and manpower to take on window-cleaning projects on residential and commercial properties. We can safely clean windows up to three stories high. Call us now to receive your free estimate.

The Window Cleaning Experts You Can Trust

At Caldera Pressure Washing LLC, we know how to bring the best out of any set of windows. We always achieve this on every project because:

  • We use a pole system to clean windows in line with industry standards.
  • We clean your windows with clean, filtered water devoid of the minerals in Bend, Oregon, water.
  • We remove grime, dead insects, cobwebs, etc., for a streak-free finish.
  • We clean window interiors and exteriors.
  • We use soft-washing methods and eco-friendly professional window wash techniques to clean all types of windows safely.

Our professional window pane cleansing team will leave your window spotless. We make interior and exterior window treatment hassle-free.

Say Goodbye to Dirty Windows or Climbing Ladders

Are dust and smudges clouding your windows? Do your windows not allow for as much visibility as they used to? Then, it’s time to trust our window cleaning experts at Caldera Pressure Washing LLC.

Let’s improve visibility through your windows and increase your curb appeal.

Call 541-279-0245 Today!

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